Sleek & Sexy

With our state of the art photo booth, you have the ability to share images via text, email or social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), brand the screen with company or event logo, or just display a slideshow.

Both the front and back screens run simultaneously. This means that there is no lag or delay for people sharing, texting, or emailing their images. You can even share while someone else takes a picture!



  • Latest and most modern booth on the market.

  • Custom 15.6" and 13.3" displays allow for capturing and sharing to happen all at once.

  • High resolution camera with electronic tilting capabilities, which will adjust based on height of subjects.

  • Great quality printer provides high definition, sharp, life-like images in multiple sizes up to 6×8-inches. 

  • Custom themes and screens that will match your event and help you stand out.

  • GIFs and Boomerang video capabilities to capture some fun and goofy actions. 

  • Immediate sharing to social media makes it easy for guests to email or text images

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